With B2B email marketing services at Infotanks Media, you can engage specifically targeted professionals. Data-driven B2B email marketing is crucial for connecting with existing and prospective contacts. Understanding your customers makes your marketing efforts much easier.

Personalized emails have 6x higher transaction rates

B2B email marketing data simplifies strategizing campaigns for lead generation, and conversions, ultimately generating revenue. It works as a key differentiator from competitors. A powerful B2B marketing data agency can provide complete customer identities. Such data can be used to interact and engage them during their purchase journey. It can inform and personalize both offline and online experiences.

89% experts believe data quality and hygiene are extremely important from a B2B marketing data agency.

How can you bridge the marketing and sales divide?

Your marketing and sales efforts are directed towards a common goal - revenue generation. The data strategy for leads as well as marketing can merge for specific data-driven outcomes. B2B email marketing services can provide a complete solution for data as well as campaign management. Partnering with a data management company guarantees quality of data. From sourcing, verifying and segmenting data, we provide a one-stop-solution. Here’s what Infotanks Media, a B2B marketing data agency guarantees:

  • Full-service campaign management
  • Content, design & coding
  • Account set-up and dedicated IPs
  • Strategic lead nurturing campaigns
  • B2B marketing data
  • Data segmentation
  • Analytics and reporting

Full-service campaign management

Creating, measuring and optimizing each campaign is seamlessly integrated by our team of experts. From content creation to campaign management Infotanks Media provides a complete solution. Our dedicated teams follow the best practices to ensure data-driven results.

Content, design & coding

Attractive subject lines encourage 33% of your contacts to open email.

Content drives your contact to even open an email. The subject line, pre-text and body are crucial to any email. Design helps engage your contacts. At Infotanks Media each design is well-thought to provide a seamless user experience. They are responsive and interactive for a uniform experience across different devices.

Account set-up & dedicated IPs

Our email campaign managers set-up a new account on a suitable communication platform with dedicated IPs. We create credentials for sender email address, SPF, DKIM, eDNS, mailing address to ensure your campaigns hit the inbox instead of Spam. A dedicated IP is used to maintain your domain reputation. A dedicated team of IT professionals continuously monitor your IP address and domain reputation for successful email deliverability.

Strategic lead nurturing campaigns

Lead nurturing is crucial to improve your conversion rates. Through B2B email marketing, you can re-engage contacts. Infotanks Media creates a unique marketing funnel based on your lead interactions. Our B2B marketing solutions lay the foundation for a customer-centric marketing campaign.

B2B marketing data

Infotanks Media can rent out data while managing your email campaigns. Estimating the database based on the click rates, we provide relevant data sets from your campaigns. To improve the lead generation process, we create landing pages with engaging call-to-actions (CTAs), direct call, chat, and book a consultation. Your sales team can easily access such data to convert them from leads.

Data segmentation

Data segmentation helps in personalization of emails. Data can be segmented based on job titles, company size, and more. We create different content based on decision makers and influencers. It encourages your contacts to get relevant information and engage with your email marketing campaigns. Turning cold prospects into interested leads is our ultimate goal.

Analysis and reports

Along with B2B email marketing services, Infotanks Media provides a detailed analysis and report for each campaign. Each campaign performance evaluated using metrics like open rate, click rate, link clicks. We suggest improvements and propose future email campaign strategies. With such information you can integrate quick changes for future campaigns. The improvements and progress can be easily identified.

Lead generation for B2B can be simplified with B2B data management solutions. For the best quality data, and data-driven email marketing campaigns get in touch with us.

We Offer Data Solutions for
a Wide Variety of Industries








Oil & Gas








Public Utilities






Real Estate



How We Source Global Business Data?


Phone books, annual reports, and other business directories are split apart and catalogued to find information on nearly every business in the nation.


New businesses are added every week from sources such as business registrations and utility hookups so that you would be the first to gain access to a potential opportunity.


We stamp all our records and validate every business to make sure our data has the highest accuracy.

 public record

We also add public record data from county courthouse filings, SEC, 10k filings, and Secretary of State data.


We clean all data on a monthly basis by matching it with the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA), ZIP+4, and Delivery Sequence File to standardize and keep the addresses accurate.


We use various data analytic and mining tools - both proprietary and third-party - to identify specific companies and their possible IT infrastructure.

Finally, our data research team verifies the data through email campaigns send outs, firmographic research, and manual contact validations to ensure you have access to the most effective data.

Data Segmentation by Departments

Accounting and Finance

Sales & Marketing

Human Resources



Information Technology





Data Segmentation by Levels


C Level


VP Level


Director level


Manager level



Dig into our exhaustive B2B data to achieve your sales & marketing targets. Transform potential prospects into profitable customers with our high email deliverability and contact accuracy.