Reaching out to your audience in the digital space has various opportunities to explore. Chatbots, social media influencers and more are used in lead generation now. But these contemporary communication methods should be combined with the traditional but effective marketing - B2C Email Marketing.

73% of millennials prefer business communications through email.

How Do B2C Email Marketing Services help?

With B2C email marketing you can personally reach out to customers. Emails can be used to trigger customers at different stages of the purchase cycle. B2C email marketing services can strategically plan the most personalized and immediate communication to your customers.

Trusted Email Operations Support

Each B2C email marketing campaign with Infotanks Media ensures process orientation for quality and on-going support. Our comprehensive solutions provide email campaign management from strategy to delivery. Our dedicated email support team works towards providing a flawless experience.

Email Automation

B2C email marketing service providers like Infotanks Media automate your campaigns using AI tools and data insights. From setting up the automations, data structuring and integrations to nurturing relationships we bring out the best. Our data-driven approach certifies the in-depth understanding of each campaign.

Dedicated Team of Experts

Our team of experts include content writers and campaign managers to provide on going and on demand support. With expertise on all popular marketing automation tools all your campaigns are well-executed. Our result-oriented process follows the best practices for all your B2C email marketing campaigns.

Gain competitive advantage with data-driven B2C Email Marketing Service Providers

Identifying your buyer persona is important for any marketing campaign. Using tools and surveys the audience is determined. Through B2C email marketing service providers you can get deeper insights about your audience. Infotanks Media can provide data regarding your customers as well as competitor customers.

Target Based Campaigns

Our team for B2C email marketing services is committed to providing relevant data for target-based marketing. With strategic planning each campaign is sent only to the targeted audience.

Access To Unlimited Contacts

Marketers believe segmented campaigns can ensure 760% increase in revenue.

Infotanks Media can provide contact information for a global audience. You can repurpose demographic and firmographic data to personalize your email campaigns. Such contacts can be segmented based on gender, job titles, financial capabilities and more.

Send Time Optimization

59% of subscribers believe marketing emails influence their purchase decisions.

The send out time is crucial for any email campaign. Identifying the days and time to schedule emails may be problematic for you. Our algorithms and tools ensure your campaigns are scheduled at the most suitable times.

Automate Sales Cycle

From educating your target audience to triggering notifications for immediate purchase, emails can do it all. Your B2C email campaigns can be promotional or transactional. Promotional campaigns can be pre-planned and scheduled at your convenience. Transactional emails are automatically triggered based on your customers sales journey. They are the best way to encourage impulse buying.

Email Audits & Reporting

Auditing and analysing campaigns enables you to have a result-oriented approach. You can know what exactly triggered your contacts to open, click or interact with your emails. Our data-driven strategy works as a marketing resource. Such reporting can optimize your future campaigns.

A well-designed and executed B2C email marketing campaign can work as a personal influencer for your customers. For the best data-driven marketing campaigns call our professionals or write to us at

We Offer Data Solutions for
a Wide Variety of Industries








Oil & Gas








Public Utilities






Real Estate



How We Source Global Business Data?


Phone books, annual reports, and other business directories are split apart and catalogued to find information on nearly every business in the nation.


New businesses are added every week from sources such as business registrations and utility hookups so that you would be the first to gain access to a potential opportunity.


We stamp all our records and validate every business to make sure our data has the highest accuracy.

 public record

We also add public record data from county courthouse filings, SEC, 10k filings, and Secretary of State data.


We clean all data on a monthly basis by matching it with the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA), ZIP+4, and Delivery Sequence File to standardize and keep the addresses accurate.


We use various data analytic and mining tools - both proprietary and third-party - to identify specific companies and their possible IT infrastructure.

Finally, our data research team verifies the data through email campaigns send outs, firmographic research, and manual contact validations to ensure you have access to the most effective data.

Data Segmentation by Departments

Accounting and Finance

Sales & Marketing

Human Resources



Information Technology





Data Segmentation by Levels


C Level


VP Level


Director level


Manager level



Dig into our exhaustive B2B data to achieve your sales & marketing targets. Transform potential prospects into profitable customers with our high email deliverability and contact accuracy.