Is cold calling really dead? Some people still believe that cold calling is dead, but there are there are many living examples which indicate otherwise. Successful businesses still rely on cold calling to make a sale and drive revenue. Whether it’s a high-growth startup or a fortune 500 company, they all have sales team eagerly dialing prospect numbers all day long. Even social media and web application have surfaced as mainstream B2B way platform, cold calling is still one of the best ways reach a decision maker, if done right.

Let say you are someone who is interested in driving a car but don’t know how to drive. Now, the best possible scenario would be that you first learn to drive a car, get a license and only then actually get to drive on the road where traffic rules apply, along with experienced drivers. I don’t really have to tell you what would happen if you start driving your car on road just by reading some instruction manuals, right?

Consider cold calling as entering an unknown territory and your job is to conquer it with your selling skills. You have to approach total strangers who have no prior knowledge about your call. Cold calling is one of the most simple, cost-effective, and proven way for B2b companies to reach new prospects and make sales.

Of course, it is quite difficult to make a sale on the first call as everyone doesn’t buy on their first call. But that’s the beauty of cold calling, you can start your conversation from where you left off, or warm them even more so the next time you call they are ready to make a decision. You can also use this opportunity to acquaint a prospect about your business and product. But if you’re still doing cold calling like we are living in the 90’s, you might as well not do it at all. Too much has changed in the past since the 90’s, and you need to learn the latest hack of cold calling if you want to succeed at cold calling.

You need to learn these smart tips, techniques and latest hacks if you want to be successful at cold call:


First of all, set your target and aim for the right industries. Seek out contacts at the right level. Use direct dials rather than a switchboard number as direct dials have great benefits compared to a switchboard number. Get on the line with someone who can make decisions on what you are offering.


Can’t make the connection? Use online resources. Information sources like LinkedIn or data companies like InfotanksMedia can be indispensable for making contact. This may also help you to understand more about their business. Learn more about the prospect to whom you are about to call, based on the additional data like, demographics, and firmographics information provided along with the direct dials numbers, you can have a meaningful and productive conversation with your prospect. This is the reason InfotanksMedia include Social, firmographic, and demographic data that sum up to more than 35 data fields like email, direct dials, title, industry, location, etc. So that you can learn more about your prospect before you get on a call with your prospect.


Do your homework, sometimes it takes some prospecting to find and talk to the right person. The time to make a call in order to reach the right person are midweek and early in the morning, just before the top of each business hour or between 5:00 and 6:00 PM.


Cold calling shouldn’t be left alone. You should fully integrate it into your marketing campaigns along with your email campaigns and direct email communications, as it is more effective and the conversion becomes much higher.


Once you have made a contact, make an offer that is compelling. Address one of the major challenges your prospect is likely facing and how your product/solution can resolve that issue. Being capable of solving their problem can bring you half-way to a sale.


There is a fine line between persistence and being annoying, draw that line. Once you cross this line, it may be very hard to get the prospect back on the call. Before making another call or sending an e-mail to that prospect, put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. What are the actions that you would make you turn away from such a deal?


Cold calling is a great B2B marketing technique for businesses across all industries. Even if a prospect isn’t ready to buy, a phone call offers a great opportunity to personally introduce your brand and make a first impression. By leaving a positive impression, cold calling encourages and nurtures a strong possibility for a future sale.

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