Today, we will share with you how an e-mail address of the organization behaves and how you can verify an e-mail address all by yourself. is an e-mail verification tool used for validating an e-mail address.

Let’s take an example of an e-mail and run it through Here it shows as a valid E-mail.

Valid E-mails are 100% deliverable as it allows mail server verification when you try to ping the domain and mailbox, you can e-mail them through any e-mail campaign tool and it will get delivered. They are considered safe for sending e-mail campaigns and you can use any e-mail marketing software/service for sending your promotional campaigns.

Let’s take an example of “Accept ALL” or “Catch ALL” mail servers, this is a tricky part where organizations configure their servers to ACCEPT ALL/CATCH ALL emails so they can accept all e-mails at first but the company has a spam tool or strong firewall which may bounce the e-mail at a later stage.

There is no e-mail verification software or service yet built that would validate the deliverability of ACCEPT ALL/CATCH ALL e-mail addresses. Any free or paid e-mail verification service cannot ensure whether your e-mail content will get delivered or bounced on ACCEPT ALL/CATCH ALL e-mail addresses as you need to send an e-mail to verify it’s deliverability.

There are strange cases where we have noticed that ACCEPT ALL/CATCH ALL e-mail addresses accepts some and rejects other e-mails based on SPAM Score of the content. You cannot use professional e-mail marketing software/service for sending your promotional campaigns as they may result in bounces which would affect your service agreement with the provider.

You can subscribe to Hosting providers campaign services or use your own campaign tool for sending content to ACCEPT ALL/CATCH ALL e-mail addresses.

Here is an example of Accept ALL Server:


Now, let’s move onto Invalid e-mails category which is an incorrect e-mail due to its syntax or the user does not exist on the receiving server. Here is an example:


This means the domain is verified but the recipient is either changed its e-mail or is not employed with the company anymore.

InfotanksMedia runs the verification process of its e-mail addresses through Briteverify an e-mail validation tool which would determine the authenticity of an e-mail address whether it is valid, accept all or invalid e-mail. We only provide Valid and Accept ALL e-mails on our data files for less bounce e-mail campaigns. Here is the glimpse of a verification report:



Currently, there are no free tools which would execute bulk e-mail verification services; you have to subscribe for paid e-mail verification services for maximizing deliverability on your e-mail campaigns.

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