Kaltura Video Analytics provides its Education and Enterprise customers the highest level of data granularity around viewing and content and engagement creation, as well as actionable insights.

New York, Jul 03, 2019: A video technology provide- Kaltura, has announced the launch of new advanced video analytics for its video platform, serving Kaltura’s Enterprise and Education customers,  with a focus on new viewing, creation and engagement dimensions with detailed dashboards with actionable insights on audience engagement. Analytics is a primary investment area for Kaltura as companies leveraging Kaltura technology are eager to gain further insight into user engagement and interaction with video content, in order to support data-driven decisions.  The new analytics infrastructure helps Kaltura to gather far more data at a higher level of granularity. They had also launched real-time monitoring dashboards for its Webcasting, enterprise CDN, and live products, and all data and analytics are available through an enterprise CDNI. Kaltura has also the first-to-market certification for the Caliper and xAPI standards and has been a driving force in creating open industry standards for analytics. Finally, the company is developing specific solutions based on Machine learning and artificial intelligence along with elements of predictive analytics.

According to Dr. Michal Tsur, President & General Manager of Enterprise and Learning at Kaltura; video is a unique data type that has deep level of engagement indicators for measurement, both around video creation- what types of content are being created by whom, as well as around engagement and video consumption with content- what hot-spots were clicked upon in video, what languages were selected for subtitles. Analytics is a very strategic area for our customers, both for a tech organization that is building on our VPaaS, as well as for universities and large companies that use video products for knowledge management, communication, marketing, learning, collaboration, and sales.

Key product features of the new Kaltura Analytics for admins are the following:

Technology and Geo: location reports: Learn how users are engaging with content in different geographies and across different platforms (mobile, desktop, game consoles, etc.), browsers and operating systems.

User-level reports: Review on a named basis that contributes and watches which videos, so customers can link usage to other behaviors. User level heat-maps per video entry that shows which content users found most interesting.

Usage Reports: Monitor bandwidth and storage resources. Use them as a “call to action” to extend resources, moderate users or distinguish unusual users.

Time period comparison: allowing admins to easily identify trends over time and seasonality.

Live to On-demand Analytics: Compare historical data to understand utilization or monitor live events in real time, identify and solve problems, and make informed decisions.

Viewing funnel: a visual chart that shows the funnel of user engagement for each video.

Kaltura Analytics for Enterprise and Education can be leveraged to analyze every aspect of the video-specific data within an organization, its compliance with xAPI open standards and IMS Global Caliper also enables companies to easily connect their video analytics to their organizational platforms and analytics systems including CMS, BI, LMS, and grading systems, as well marketing analytics, in order to see the full picture when analyzing their company’s KPIs. All dashboards and reports can easily be exported, analyzed, and presented to specific stakeholders that help to discover granular data to reflect user engagement.

About Kaltura:

Kaltura is an online video platform for syndication, video publishing, monetization, and management. It is designed for enterprise, education, and media applications.

About Infotanks Media:

We have 4,080 Companies who are using Kaltura with 21,216 Contacts at their premises. The data fields provided would be Technology Type, Company Name, Contact Name, Title, Phone Number, Email Address, Physical Address, City, State, ZIP Code, Country, Fax, SIC Code, Industry, Employee size, Revenue size, and Website address.

Infotanks Media is a Technographics Data provider. We track 10,000 plus software and hardware technologies at the client site with over 40 million contact database of End Users and Decision Makers.

Can Kaltura data help your Sales and Marketing?

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