Email Marketing is one of the oldest and most reliable marketing channels with great ROI. And if you want to leverage the full potential of this marketing channel, you should avoid the following common yet major issues or in simple words “bad habits”.

To help you understand the true value of email marketing we are sharing some statistics related to email marketing;

Emails are the 3rd most effective source of information for b2b audiences  (source).

According to 59% of b2b marketers, email marketing is the most effective channel for revenue generation (source).

Now, let’s discuss the bad habits related to email marketing and how to resolve them;

Email List Segmentation:

It’s quite obvious that every marketer wants to reach as many people as possible. But, doing so without segmentation will bring your email campaign more harm than good.

Why? Because your subscribers will get angry and the engagement will fall drastically. With the help of proper email list segmentation, you will have a more targeted list of the subscribers which can be used to send personalized campaigns which are suitable for the needs and specific characteristics of each targeted list subscribers.

We understand its true value and impact, that’s why we have written an entire blog on list segmentation. Please read it here: Email Marketing List Segmentation For Best Results.


Every email campaign is designed to serve a purpose and is triggered by a CTA. The purpose of your email marketing campaign can vary, like buy a product/service, sign-up for a free trial, webinar registration, read/download a piece of content, visit a landing page, etc. Each of these actions can be triggered by a CTA. So, its quite obvious that your call-to-action is the most critical and important aspect of your email, and you should make sure that your CTA is simple, foolproof, easy to find, and encourages action.

Follow these simple tips to make your CTA highly effective;

Make the CTA look like a clickable button.

Make your CTA clearly visible by using bigger fonts with colors which are different from the rest of the email.

Write clearly understandable CTA reflecting a sense of urgency which motivates action.

Email List Hygiene:

As discussed above in the segmentation part, getting your email in front of a large audience is very important for every marketer. But some marketers are more focused on building their list rather than the quality of the list. Always remember, “quality always beats quantity”.

So taking proper steps for maintaining the hygiene of your marketing data is absolutely necessary. Failing to so results in high bounce rates, spam complaints, lower open rates, etc. Ultimately impacting the overall performance of your email marketing campaigns. Ensure that you have a process in place to maintain the hygiene of your marketing data.

Subject Line and Email Copy:

Many marketers stills create salesy subject line and email copy offering very little or no value to their recipients. Email is a very valuable tool and should be used as such. Some marketers still believe that they can grab the attention of their recipient with salesy subject lines and email copies but the fact is that they are annoying their subscribers and indirectly driving them away. Cliche subject lines like  “just for you”,  “limited time offer!” don’t just catch the attention of spam filters but also annoys the recipients and reduces your brand value.

Make your first priority to engage your subscribers with useful and relevant information. Always provide value to the recipients even when you are sending promotional emails.

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