Optimizely new product Performance Edge, powered by Cloudflare Workers, empowers marketers to scale web experimentation without fear of performance impact.

San Francisco- Sep 12, 2019: Optimizely, launched a new product- Performance Edge that enables high-performing experimentation teams to run more experiments and scale their programs without compromising the customer experience. Performance Edge enables visual-editor based website experiments to run faster — faster than the blink of an eye, or on average in less than 50 milliseconds— by moving decision logic from the browser to the CDN.

Optimizely’s unique Experiment Delivery Network (EDN) technology is powered by Cloudflare Workers and is the foundation for Performance Edge. EDN runs code at the edge of Cloudflare’s global network with extremely low latency, allowing experiments to be run in the browser much faster even as companies scale to hundreds of experiments.

According to Rita Kozlov, product manager of Workers at Cloudflare; we built Cloudflare Workers to give developers the ability to execute and deploy code directly at the edge of Cloudflare’s global network, which spans 194 cities in more than 90 countries. Optimizely’s Performance Edge product empowers their customers and builds upon our vision to bring the experience even closer to their end users.

Performance Edge is compatible with serverless worker technologies and a wide-range of CDNs. It launches in early access to select Optimizely customers and Web capabilities. Performance Edge will be available globally as a paid add-on for Optimizely Web, once released for general availability.

About Optimizely:

Optimizely is an experimentation platform designed to optimize customer experiences that enables product and marketing teams to learn, test, and deploy digital experiences.

About Infotanks Media:

We have 36,099 Companies who are using Optimizely with 187,715 Contacts at their premises.

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