Thanks to friends at Loqate, a provider of address verification services, Oracle’s enrichment capabilities ensure correct address information globally.

Nov 14, 2019: Otherwise known as rogue customer data; siloed, duplicate and out-of-sync customer data is a huge issue for brands worldwide. Not only it is costing companies millions of dollars each year, but it also hinders gaining a full view of a customer. Costing between 20 to 100 dollars per duplicate annually, it is estimated that 20% to 40% of all customer records within an organization are duplicates.

Today, to answer this question, Oracle announced the launch of Oracle Customer Data Management (CDM) for B2C Service. Used successfully by many of Oracle’s B2B customers, Oracle’s CDM is a proven solution, and now we are making this available for B2C organizations, which usually have a much larger number of customer records. For tens of millions of customers in siloed systems, this solution will give B2C enterprise companies the ability to maintain and create the “golden customer record”. The new CDM for B2C Service offers three components to dive deeper;

  • Data Quality: The real magic happens here – companies will be able to leverage AI-fueled tools to clean and match rogue data at the scale B2C enterprises command.
  • Customer Data Hub: This is where companies can easily maintain and create a customer master record that is used by multiple systems.
  • Enrichment: Thanks to friends at Loqate, a provider of address verification services; Oracle’s enrichment capabilities ensure correct address information globally.

About Oracle:

Oracle is the #1 provider of business software, with a broad portfolio of solutions for companies of all sizes. Today, 430,000 customers in 175 countries use Oracle technologies to seize business opportunities and solve real, tangible challenges.

About Infotanks Media:

We have 281,800 Companies who are using Oracle with 1,690,800 Contacts at their premises. The data fields provided would be Technology Type, Company Name, Contact Name, Title, Phone Number, Email Address, Physical Address, City, State, ZIP Code, Country, Fax, SIC Code, Industry, Employee size, Revenue size, and Website address.

Infotanks Media is a Technographics Data provider. We track 10,000 plus software and hardware technologies at the client site with over 40 million contact database of End Users and Decision Makers.

Can Oracle data help your Sales and Marketing?

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