San Francisco, CA- Jan 16, 2020: ten independent software companies united to declare that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are no longer enough for the digital era in a declaration published in Wall Street Journal. United to set a new standard for marketing and business technology, the Platform of Independents is led by Segment and a group of nine other independent software companies. The Platform is comprised of Segment, Drift, Iterable, Mixpanel, Airship, Amplitude, Pendo, Radar, Outreach, and, as well as over 190 co-signatories.

Building better products, respecting customer privacy and making smarter business decisions requires more than a one-size-fits-all approach to their technology stacks, and together, they believe that companies should never be locked into CRM suites.

The Platform of Independents:

In the belief that businesses should never be forced into a one-size-fits-all approach or locked into a single cloud suite, the ten companies that lead The Platform of Independents have built their products.

Today, more than 190 other co-signatories and they have come together to formalize their shared ideals. As an alternative to CRM, the Independents pledge to build software that gives businesses:

  • A world of flexibility, where data can be used across every department, not just in marketing and sales, to exceed customer expectations.
  • A world of choice, where companies are free to build a technology stack, not just the one their CRM suite has chosen for them, with the tools that they need.
  • A world of opportunity, where every company can have the technology and ability to be customer-first.

According to Peter Reinhardt, CEO, and co-founder at Segment; the time has come for businesses to realize that there’s a whole new world outside the legacy CRM suite. We’re proud to stand up for what’s best for customer-first businesses in the digital age together with our partners: flexibility, choice, and the freedom to build data stacks using any combination of best-in-class technology. In short, CRM just isn’t enough anymore.

How we can help?

Segment is expanding and growing stronger as a brand. Segment was awarded as one of the fastest growing companies in San Francisco by Growjo.

This is the perfect opportunity for those businesses that are trying to double down their effort on competitive dislodgment to acquire Segment customers.

If you think that your solution can solve the pain points of Segment customers that are looking for alternatives, acquire the database of Segment customers that have a clear need and a strong budget for such solutions. Contact us today to get a free sample data of Segment customers.

Segment customers come from small size businesses, medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises as well. The database of Segment customers would be an asset to any of its competitors or partners as it holds a significant market share within the Cross-Channel Advertising Software category.

161 Segment customers have given Segment a 4.6/5 rating on G2Crowd. This definitely makes the database of Segment customers a hot property within its competitors.

The database of Segment customers includes Shape Magazine, The Motley Fool, LiveAuctioneers, Entertainment Weekly, Sotheby’s, among many others.

About Segment:

Segment provides the customer data infrastructure that helps businesses put their customers first.

About Infotanks Media:

We have 4,227 Companies who are using Segment with 21,980 Contacts at their premises. The data fields provided would be Technology Type, Company Name, Contact Name, Title, Phone Number, Email Address, Physical Address, City, State, ZIP Code, Country, Fax, SIC Code, Industry, Employee Size, Revenue Size, and Website address.

Infotanks Media is a Technographics Data provider. We track 10,000 plus software and hardware technologies at the client site with over 40 million contact database of End Users and Decision Makers.

Can Segment data help your Sales and Marketing?

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