San Mateo, CA- Mar 20, 2020: Snowflake announced a new Federated Data Access (FDA) connector integration with Adobe Campaign to empower marketers with a scalable platform for achieving deeper data insights. To leverage the benefits of a single, integrated data platform for powerful marketing campaign data insights in real-time, the integration enables Adobe Campaign users to extend their data into Snowflake all with zero-management.

By offering a single, unified, and easy-to-use platform for data analysis, the Snowflake and Adobe Campaign integration provide users with the ability to unlock deep value from their data. As it scales on-demand to support any amount of marketing data from Adobe Campaign including mobile, social, email, and offline campaigns, as well as inbound-outbound channel fusion data, the cloud data platform requires zero management for any number of business users.

According to Snowflake Head of Media, Entertainment & Advertising, Bill Stratton; we’re excited that Adobe Campaign customers will now be able to utilize the full benefits of Snowflake for their marketing data. By providing a zero-management data platform that scales as marketing data increases, Snowflake supercharges data insights for marketers, which allows organizations to focus on what really matters most – their customers.

According to Adobe Product Manager, Thomas Jordy; the combination of Snowflake and Adobe Campaign is remarkably positive for companies with huge amounts of data. Opening new ways to personalize and thus drive better experiences for their customers, this integration gives marketers easy access to their data to use how they see fit, without any cumbersome platform management. Adobe Campaign users who employ the Snowflake connector will quickly see improvements to their data-driven marketing strategies.

As Adobe Campaign data increases, Snowflake empowers marketing teams using that data to bring more personalized messages to their customers. That will help their organizations run larger and more varied campaigns that better reach their target audience Adobe Campaign users will now be able to access real-time data insights. For their evolving business needs, marketing teams using Adobe Campaign will also realize the benefits of Snowflake as they analyze and iterate on campaigns.

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In 2019, Adobe surpassed $11 billion in annual revenue and Snowflake and Google Cloud announced a strategic partnership. 33,942 customers have given Adobe a 4.2/5 rating and 257 customers have given Snowflake a 4.6/5 rating on G2Crowd. This is the perfect opportunity for those businesses that are trying to double down their effort on competitive dislodgment to acquire the database of Adobe customers and Snowflake customers.

If you think that your solution can solve the pain points of Adobe customers and Snowflake customers that are looking for alternatives, acquire the database of Adobe customers and Snowflake customers that have a clear need and a strong budget for such solutions. Contact us today to get a free sample data of Adobe customers and Snowflake customers.

Adobe customers and Snowflake customers come from small size businesses, medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises as well. The database of Adobe customers would be an asset to any of its competitors or partners as it holds a significant market share within the digital media, digital marketing, and printing and publishing software categories. The database of Snowflake customers would be an asset to any of its competitors or partners as it holds a significant market share within the Data Warehouse Software category.

Adobe customers database includes JR Simplot, JPMorgan Chase, CROSSMARK, CHRISTUS Health, Staples, among many others.

Snowflake customers database includes Albertsons, Capital One, USAA, NBC Universal, among many others.

About Snowflake:

Snowflake enables users to shift from traditional data warehouse and big data platforms to a cloud-based system that natively loads and optimizes both structured and semi-structured data (such as JSON, Avro, or XML), and provides a secure means to store, access, transform, and analyze data in one centralized location.

About Adobe:

Adobe is a suite of software solutions for graphic design, web development, video editing, applications that include Adobe Marketing Cloud, Creative Cloud SaaS, Creative Suite, eLearning Suite, and Technical Communication Suite.

About Infotanks Media:

We have 6,60,000 Companies who are using Adobe with 34,32,000 Contacts and we have 2,477 Companies who are using Snowflake with 12,880 Contacts at their premises. The data fields provided would be Technology Type, Company Name, Contact Name, Title, Phone Number, Email Address, Physical Address, City, State, ZIP Code, Country, Fax, SIC Code, Industry, Employee Size, Revenue Size, and Website address.

Infotanks Media is a Technographics Data provider. We track 10,000 plus software and hardware technologies at the client site with over 40 million contact database of End Users and Decision Makers.

Can Adobe data and Snowflake data help your Sales and Marketing?

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