The advent of various new technologies and channels of marketing are yet to hamper the advantages derived from email marketing by B2B marketers. Emails are the linchpins, go-to, powerful marketing tools that help to enhance the relationship between brand and customer at all available touchpoints. Email marketing Services is considered as a creative, personalized way to take customer experience to the next level thereby, helping marketers to turn a fleeting prospect to a lucrative, and long-term buying customer. Apart from this, email marketing strategy when deployed carefully helps to reap better Return on Investments and helps in improving Customer Lifetime Value thereby, enhancing the overall B2B sales experience and purpose.

Hence, email marketing services is still the most effective technique for digital marketing, therefore, its quintessential for the marketers to keep in touch with the dynamic industry to deliver an overall personalized experience for their customers.

In case of B2C business approach the marketers tap on the customer’s emotions thereby, attracting them towards their product/service. However, in B2B sales the marketers attract the customer by knowing their business needs. Therefore, its necessary to mean you must be more in-depth with your marketing initiatives and must focus on things that matter most to a business, such as time, money and resources.

To create, implement and maintain email marketing campaign, you must create a strategy and define your goals. Once you have set goals that you want to achieve from your campaign, start paying close attention to your targeted audience, your message, and everything else that has an impact on your email marketing campaign.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best tips and methods to successfully achieve the goals of your email marketing campaign. So, once you have formulated a strategy and set your goals. Start to implement the following tips in your email marketing campaign.

1. Data Verification:

Consider data verification as the base of a successful campaign, a flaw in this step can result in partial or complete failure of your campaign. Therefore, it is essential to check the health of your CRM data before you initiate your email campaigns. Bad emails or contacts that are no longer in the company would hamper the success of your email campaign. Mark that reputed email List providers like Sendgrid, Constant Contact, Mailchimp would not allow to send your subscribers list if the bounce rate is more than 5%.

You should check your emails through email verification services like Zerobounce, that removes all invalid, “Do not Mail” or any spam email addresses. This still does not provide you with the accurate picture of whether your “accept all” emails are deliverable or not, therefore, you need to run a campaign through a third-party data provider to check the health of your “accept all” emails.

2. Build reader engaging subject lines and titles to initiate a two-way conversation

Email marketing services provides lucrative opportunities to get in contact with the interested customers. This makes striking a conversation with a set of people possible in a meaningful approach. Thus, you should use it in full force to draw complete attention of your targeted clientage. Put your information in a unique and creative title to differentiate it from the plethora of emails lying in your audience’s inbox. Frame it in such a way that it arouses curiosity and remains professional at the same time. Use of automated solutions that provide personalization to your emails are usually the best fit for this.

3. Content Building

Keeping your email crisp is the key for perfect content building, prefer quality over quantity. Make sure that you don’t crowd your email with too much of information, sort your information tactfully to keep the reader engaged. The following points should be considered while deciding the body of your email:

  • Targeted/ Personalized content– Personalized content that is targeted towards resolving the pain points of your customer or prospect is sure to take you on the path of a successful campaign. Segmenting your email lists on the basis of demographics, and industry helps to get a complete picture of your reader’s interests and needs, helping you to frame a personalized content, thereby, evoking the interest of reader towards you.
  • Avoid using lengthy paragraphs. Time being a constraint for most people nowadays, professionals prefer to gain more understanding in less time. Increase the effectiveness of your content in such a way that a few words convey your complete message. Try to highlight your keywords and phrases to gain more attention towards your message.
  • Use bullet points for unique content. However, keep the flow of the content intact and don’t sparingly use bullet points just to attract attention.

4. Choose your data provider wisely

A data provider or email marketing agency can help smoothen out the process for you at each stage. These b2b email list providers will not just help you to attain high deliverability rate but will also assure that you get the updated b2b email list. This will contribute largely to make your campaign a success and will help to reap higher ROI.

The email deliverability rate needs to be over 90-95% so you get a high engagement rate on your email campaigns. On purchased lists, it’s really important that your data partner provides you contacts with high contact accuracy and deliverability as the reputation of your Email Service Provider (ESP) is at stake. Bad email lists without compliance verification would send your emails to spam and blacklist your IP address pretty quickly. There are chances that your ESP would block you permanently from emailing further. Thus, in order to avoid such issues, it’s in the best interest to select a data partner who would support your marketing team through the campaign process. It really becomes essential to have data partner who is flexible to your data needs and provides valuable data to generate more engagements with your prospects.

5. Watch out the spam folder:

The entire process done from the beginning can go in vain if your email winds up in spam folder. Along with, authenticating your domain make sure that you adhere to the set regulations such as CAN-SPAM Act. Furthermore, you should avoid excessive usage of exclamation marks, crudely formatted HTML, and all caps hyperbolic phrases. Since every spam filter works differently a comprehensive understanding about the working of spam filters is a must.

Through the help of an experienced data provider or by leveraging email marketing services, the process of successful email marketing campaign can be achieved without much hassle. Infotanks Media can prove to be a good asset in this process as we at Infotanks Media engage tools and technologies to provide more than 12 data fields for a single contact. These generally include Company Name, Contact Name, Job Title, Phone Number, Email Address, Physical Address, City, State, Postal Code, ZIP Code, Country, Fax, SIC Code, Industry, Employee size, Revenue size, Website address and Linked IN Profiles. The accuracy rate being more than 90%. Thus, we can surely help you as a Company or a marketer to excel in your strategy to capture your targets successfully.

To learn more about how our B2B contact data and technographics data can help you to boost your marketing efforts, contact Infotanks Media today.

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