The provider for on-demand human insights- UserTesting announced it has acquired Truthlab. With the help of this acquisition, UserTesting customers can easily surface human insights even quicker using intelligent video analytics to provide the right recommendations, highlights, and data for teams to develop intuition and build customer empathy about their end-users.

Fast time to insights, in an age of agile product development, has always been critical to the success of UserTesting’s customers. UserTesting has access to the most diverse, the largest panel of testers, and expanded upon that in January of 2019 with the acquisition of UserMuse to grow its panel access and demographics to custom audiences for B2C and B2B organization.

According to Patrick Donnelly, CEO of Truthlab; UserTesting’s market leadership in human insight and customer experience, combined with Truthlab’s deep experience in machine learning, more companies will be empowered to build customer empathy into their business strategies through intelligent, automated insight extraction.

Access to a diverse and extensive panel network, and the availability of researchers-as-a-service, combined with intelligent insights, underscores UserTesting’s commitment to helping its customers quickly turn insights into action so that they can quickly make better business decisions.

According to Andy MacMillan, CEO of UserTesting; this acquisition will give our users access to more intelligent insights and richer data, and will accelerate the delivery of machine learning logic in the UserTesting platform. With a recommendation engine that is both intelligent and actionable, and by providing added value through automatic video insight delivery, UserTesting is building the smartest human insight platform on the market.

UserTesting customers, using intelligent insights, will be able to identify and extract the moments that matter automatically from videos, making it much easier for them to learn, connect, understand, and empathize with their audiences so in return they can deliver and build more meaningful experiences that impact loyalty, adoption, and revenue.

About UserTesting:

UserTesting provides feedback and user testing on mobile applications, websites, and prototypes.

About Truthlab:

Truthlab’s Product Experience platform orchestrates the collection and analysis of disparate customer data and transforms it into actionable insights

About Infotanks Media:

We have 483 Companies who are using UserTesting with 2,512 Contacts at their premises.

The data fields provided would be Technology Type, Company Name, Contact Name, Title, Phone Number, Email Address, Physical Address, City, State, ZIP Code, Country, Fax, SIC Code, Industry, Employee Size, Revenue Size, and Website address.

Infotanks Media is a Technographics Data provider. We track 10,000 plus software and hardware technologies at the client site with over 40 million contact database of End Users and Decision Makers.

Can UserTesting data help your Sales and Marketing?

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