Data Management


Data is the most comprehensive and integral part of any small, medium or large size company as every marketing endeavour starts with data!

Infotanks Media will take up the responsibility to churn your amorphous data into a significant impression. Marketers can target unique set of audience and increase their lead flow through our customized data management solutions.

Infotanks Media will execute the below tasks to bring your prospects to existence.

  • Data would be treated for duplicate entries, discrepancies, formatting and grammatical errors.
  • Data would be cleansed and appended with missing information.
  • New Prospects across the same entity would be identified and supplemented to your customer base.
  • Data would be verified through Domain validation, Email validation, Email Campaign follow-through
  • We would deliver data daily, weekly, monthly or yearly as per our clients' requirements.

Test our services by sending your 20 - 30 contact in-house file at

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