Reach ideal customers anywhere around the world. Drive sales with accurate contact details from the best B2B mailing lists curated by Infotanks Media. Reach a top network of professionals with 20+ million companies and 82+ million contact data. We’re among the best technographics data providers tracking more than 15,000+ software, hardware, and web applications globally with 12+ million companies and 55+ million contacts. Our physician data services cover 250+ physician specialties and 1.2 million physicians contact databases with emails, phone numbers, and more. Whether you are looking for a B2B contact database, technographic data, or healthcare data, Infotanks Media can provide you with all of this and more. Promote your business solutions with a database trusted by marketers, decision-makers, and business professionals of 2000+ companies.

B2B Data

Drive data-driven sales and marketing strategies with insightful B2B database including company details, the contact information of sales leads, geographic location, and other 15+ data fields. Using the fully verified B2B sales leads database to expand your business anywhere across the globe. Make a global presence by connecting to top decision-makers, c-level executives, and business professionals using B2B data. Explore opportunities across North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, and more from anywhere worldwide with a B2B database from Infotanks Media. Get started with engaging through different marketing campaigns such as email marketing, telemarketing, LinkedIn InMail marketing, multi-channel marketing, social media marketing, and direct mails.

Qualified Database for Sales & Marketing teams

Engage with decision-makers, influencers, and leaders of different industries, geographics, job levels, job titles, etc., and your target companies with high quality verified B2B sales leads database. Infotanks Media helps companies get B2B data at 95% contact accuracy to reach the top network of professionals with 20+ million companies and 82+ million contact data. Increase customer engagement and acquisition by providing a personalized customer experience with a B2B mail list. Infotanks Media can provide you with fully verified databases of different types for various company sizes, job titles, job levels, and more data fields. Customize your database as per your requirements with Infotanks Media for easy integration and immediate use.

Effective Data Source for Marketing Companies

Simplify the process of lead generation by getting full-access to your ideal prospects. Ensure 6x higher conversions with a guaranteed 95% contact data accuracy from Infotanks Media. Close deals faster with ready-to-use B2B data, which includes only relevant contact details. Find and target your ideal prospects anywhere in the world when you buy a B2B mail list. Infotanks Media covers data from different industries, locations, technologies, and more. Promote your business among high intent potential customers with a powerful targeted lead generation strategy from Infotanks Media. Get closer to acquiring a high-quality database with 95% contact accuracy and email deliverability. Data enrichment and contact appending can help email marketers strengthen their campaigns with 6x higher conversions. Grow your business and get instant deal closures with minimum efforts. Get a free sample and a free consultation. Call us today!

Healthcare Data

Big data in healthcare is an important asset to increase your business outreach among healthcare professionals, especially with the rising global health concerns. It generates more than 10% of the GDP for most developed countries. Buy the healthcare industry email list from Infotanks Media to create a professional network of hospitals, physicians, healthcare executives, and more. Promote your business offerings with an accurately curated healthcare data and technology ecosystem. The healthcare industry email list can be a helpful resource while reaching out to your targeted healthcare sector. Infotanks Media is the best mailing list provider for the fastest growing healthcare sectors across anywhere in the world.

Target Database of Medical Decision Makers

The U.S is the largest employer of the healthcare sector, with 18 million workers. The rising treatment and surgery costs open the doors to alternative solutions. Bring out your products and services with target marketing using the hospital email list from Infotanks Media. Infotanks Media provides thoroughly researched and sourced healthcare data that help you contact different medical professionals from anywhere around the world. Keep up with the evolving medical marketplace with big data in healthcare from Infotanks Media. Reach out to ideal potential customers from hospitals, care facilities, physicians, pharmacies, and more. Our medical email address list includes direct contact details, such as email addresses and phone numbers for immediate use.

Target Database of Physicians

Infotanks Media provides contact information of medical professionals who are within your target market. From chiropractors, cardiologists to psychiatrists and radiologists, we provide contact data for more than 150 physician specialties. Get closer to medical professionals, decision markets, healthcare executives, and more with the best quality hospital email list. The evolving healthcare technologies call for a strategic marketing plan. Generate high intent leads by monitoring the market, professionals, and other target audiences to discover new opportunities. Leverage the potential of Infotanks Media, the best mailing list provider, to provide the best healthcare solutions. Our well-researched database is processed through a stringent verification and validation system, including our AI tools, applications, and software, followed by a double manual verification. Our guaranteed 95% data accuracy assures you to expand revenue generation by engaging high converting leads and prospects. Get customized health data for the best business marketing strategies from Infotanks Media. Call us or write now for a free consultation or sample data.

Technographics Data

A technographics company can help you access the tech behavior of any organization. Leverage the knowledge of tech stack to gain competitive advantage through a comprehensive analysis with Infotanks Media s technographics in customer profiling solutions. Utilize technographics data to drive sales, fuel business evolution, and engage in ROI generating marketing and sales campaigns. An example of technographics for effective sales processes is that it provides a complete 360-degree view of the technology stack of your key target accounts. Get to know about their technology, tools, software, and applications to effectively promote your products or services based on their current technology stack. Drive revenue generation campaigns with Infotanks Media s data-driven marketing strategies.

Target End Users and IT Decision Makers

Infotanks Media is the best technographics company tracking users for more than 15,000 software, hardware, and web applications across the globe through its AI & ML applications with 12 million companies and 55 million contacts. Identify high intent converting contact databases through technographics in customer profiling by effectively personalizing campaigns. Elevate your customer experience by creating an effective segmentation to focus on high converting prospect categories. An example of technographics for customer success will be that it can identify your customer expectations to deliver a wholesome and personalized business solution. Build long-lasting relationships within your targeted business landscape with Infotanks Media, the best among technographic data providers.

Technographics Data for ABM Campaigns

Boost your customer loyalty by providing a seamless experience through Infotanks Media, the best among globally recognized technographic data providers. Create a detailed technology stack or segments for an in-depth understanding of your target potential customers. Bring out value propositions to address their requirements and queries with Infotanks Media, the best technographics data service provider. Get a comprehensive competitive analysis to stay ahead in your target marketplace. Ensure effective account based marketing campaign strategies for key accounts for the best conversion rates. Learn your competitors promotional strategies and improvise your products or services to enhance your customer experience with technographics. Generate significant returns on investment by intensifying customer satisfaction and retention. Build your brand identity through personalized communications through emails, LinkedIn InMails, social media marketing, direct mails, and more with Infotanks Media. Ensure higher conversions by effective multi-channel marketing strategies and generate more business revenue. Get a better understanding of your targeted potential customers with free sample data or consultation from Infotanks Media.

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