90% Plus
Email Deliverability



90% Plus
Contact Accuracy

Belgium Email List

Belgium offers a competitive marketplace with opportunities in all industries. Partnering with Infotanks Media for the Belgium email list can amplify your growth process. The sales team gets powered by effortless engagement. The Belgium mailing list is instrumental in building a positive image for your business. You can even connect with decision-makers directly.

The Belgium email list provides the perfect opportunity to choose the ideal group of prospects. You can identify and target the most suitable prospects for your sales and marketing campaigns. You can even initiate multi-channel communications with ideal prospects. You can execute ethical promotional campaigns to build awareness and create a positive brand image.

The Belgium email list is the best initial guide for your sales professionals to reach out to ideal prospects. It accelerates the sales process and amplifies the sales conversion rate. The email list is easy to integrate into your CRM, ESP, and ready-to-use immediately. For actionable data, insights get in touch with us!

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90% Plus Email Deliverability

Have you been trying to impress your contacts with catch-all and invalid emails? Such emails end up in your contacts’ junk folder. Try changing this with valid emails that we filter with our email verification tools such as Zerbounce and Neverbounce. So, what you get is verified emails for your contacts. You will soon see how contacts are responding to your emails and showing genuine interest.

90% Plus Contact Accuracy

Your marketing campaigns need to have a receiving end; your efforts do not mean anything without it. When contacts move out of a company, you need to update yourself with the latest information. We help you with that by doing a thorough search through the LinkedIn profiles.

Phone Verified

Infotanks Media provides you with direct lines and corporate numbers so that you can reach your contacts faster. This will help increase your telemarketing campaigns.

Data Delivery in 3-4 Business Days

We believe in high accuracy and deliverability in the services we provide. So, what you can expect is the best contacts for your business and in just 3-4 business days.


Q. How frequent your email lists are last updated?

Our data is verified in real-time before data delivery. Our compliance process is rigorous with AI and human intervention to ensure standard SLA of 90% plus email deliverability and contact accuracy.

Q. How much time does it take to get my email list after I place my order?

We take 2-4 business days to deliver the list after we complete the data compliance process and on receipt of complete payment.

Q. I want to place an order, but I have doubts about the accuracy of the data. Why should I trust you?

We guarantee 90% plus email deliverability and contact accuracy with an assurance of 1 to 1 replacement of bad/invalid contacts.

Q. Do customers receive their files as Excel files?

We will deliver the data file in XLS or CSV format.