Worried about your marketing emails being dumped as spam? Internally managed campaigns falling short of engagements?

Infotanks Media can help you reach out to your target customers and capture their attention through the most popular and effective medium of communication - emails! Be it stimulating visuals or web-driven sales pitches, our email marketing specialists, copywriters, designers, and developers can help you craft a campaign that motivates action.

Small to mid-sized companies immensely benefit from our strategic campaigns that employ tools and techniques designed to derive maximum results. Emails are drafted according to the unique business challenges of your target market and hence, appeal to them with a sense of value.

Why invest in email marketing?

Email encompasses a variety of marketing objectives - including ‘hard’ conversion goals such as appointment bookings and ‘soft’ conversion goals such as credibility building.

Email is the most common form of communication with 100% coverage - unlike advertisements, SEO, and social media, a value-added email is sure to establish connections.

Emails guarantee conversion when the campaign is managed right - if it offers high value, your subscriber list, open rates, and click-through rates are sure to improve.

Email campaigns, with continual testing, can drive steady improvements in results - both large and small changes can affect conversion rates, when executed professionally.

Email marketing is easily measurable - enabling precise analysis of progress and ROI, thus resulting in detailed reports with meaningful campaign metrics.

Infotanks Media offers email marketing services that include segmentation, designs, testing, and transparent campaign reporting with detailed metrics such as opens, bounces, click-throughs, unsubscribes, and new subscribers.

Upgrade your email marketing campaigns with Infotanks Media

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Email Campaign Strategy

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59% of B2B marketers recognize email as the most effective revenue generator. A tailor-made email marketing campaign could benefit your business too.