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Generate more targeted leads using Facebook Advertising

1.6 billion people across the world are connected to a business on Facebook. Reach your future customers with targeted Facebook ads through Infotanks Media.

facebook ads
Facebook Photo Ads
  • services through high-quality images
    Facebook Photo Ads

    Let your audience discover, browse, and buy your products or services through high-quality images or illustrations

  • Facebook Video Ads
    Facebook Video Ads

    Tell your brand story using attractive videos which can either be short, feed-based, or long for a try-before-you-buy experience

  • Facebook Carousel Ads
    Facebook Carousel Ads

    Showcase up to 10 images or videos in an ad for e-commerce marketing through Facebook and

  • Facebook Stories Ads
    Facebook Stories Ads

    Share customized, passion-driven, and engaging edge-to-edge experience for mobile phone users

  • Facebook Messenger Ads
    Facebook Messenger Ads

    Personalize conversations with potential customers using interactive or automated message features

  • Facebook Retargeting Ads
    Facebook Retargeting Ads

    Reach an audience who already know your brand through your website, app, store, Facebook page, or Instagram page

Instagram Advertising to reach your market
Instagram Advertising
  • Organic reach
    Organic reach

    WIth over 600+ million monthly active users, Instagram is a go-to platform for greater visibility. Grow your brand presence with unique and attractive content ideas.

  • Community building
    Community building

    58x users are more likely to engage with branded content on Instagram than on Facebook. Build a community of advocates for your brand with engaging content.

  • Influencer marketing
    Influencer marketing

    Instagram Ads have a 2.8x higher ad recall compared to other social networks. Use influencers to personalize your relationship with potential customers.

  • Ad management
    Ad management

    13% of B2B companies consider Instagram to be crucial in their marketing strategy. Target your audience through paid advertising formats for quick lead generation.

WhatsApp Advertising

Start conversations on WhatsApp to turn your target audience into customers. Advertising on WhatsApp enables you to promote your products or services directly through a chat. It is the most personalized and evolving technique of advertising. Using accurate targeting techniques, we empower you to gain quality leads through advertising indirectly on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Advertising
  • Cross-platform Advertising
    Cross-platform Advertising

    Get conversations started with your customers using click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook and Instagram

  • Diversify Content Formats
    Diversify Content Formats

    Share images, videos, documents, and audio files to promote your products and services through WhatsApp

  • Create Broadcast Lists
    Create Broadcast Lists

    Send bulk messages and relevant media content to multiple contacts at once for free to your existing database

  • Personalize Customer Support
    Personalize Customer Support

    Personalize your customer experience by including WhatsApp as a tool to address queries immediately

Bring more revenue to your business through Facebook marketing with Infotanks Media

92% of digital marketers include Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp advertising to promote their products or services through an immensely targeted marketing strategy.

Improve Click through rate (CTR) Through

Content plays an essential role in any advertising. Using short copies, we engage audiences to click and convert. Creative content can convert 10x more through thought provoking copies, attractive images, and quick call-to-action buttons. Diversify your lead generation sources by connecting you to your target audience using the Facebook Ad tool s different ad formats. Infotanks Media helps you create content and design that relates your brand to your audience using all Facebook Ad specs.

Increase Conversion With A/B Testing Of

Optimize your conversion rate with A/B testing different landing pages based on performance. We can test for design, content, call-to-action button, Facebook carousel ads, Facebook retargeting ads, Facebook video ads, Facebook shopping ads, and more. A/B testing on the Facebook Ad tool helps in promoting only the best performing aspects of your campaign. Infotanks Media can channelize your Facebook marketing strategy to increase conversions with a performance-driven approach.

Understand Potential Customers With Audience Testing

Unlock the potential to optimize your ad performance, understand your audience, and grow your business with Audience testing. Get a high-level view of your audience demographics – location of ad views, the device used, and more. Compare your existing audience and set out to reach your business goals with a highly targeted audience. Understand your audience that drives the lowest-costing conversions. Gain insights about your audience, their interests, and their potential to purchase with Audience testing.

Reach The Right Target Audience At The Right Time

Facebook and Instagram together are the most accessible social networking platforms across the world. With millions of active users, they provide effective marketingopportunities to reach the right audience at the right time through advertisements. Creating different buyer personas based on interest, behavior, and other demographics Infotanks Media can help you target your potential customers. Enable e-commerce marketing through Facebook and Instagram by matching your audience expectations with your marketing goals.

Generates More Leads Through Targeted Advertising

The robust targeting techniques of our experts help you connect to anyone around the world. With our tailor-made Facebook and Instagram advertising strategy, we ensure detailed targeting. Generate leads using detailed buyer personas, A/B testing, creative content, and Facebook best practices with Infotanks Media s marketers expertise. Build your social presence to reach out to potential leads across different sales funnels. Maximize your business revenue and promote your products efficiently through accurate targeting.

Increase Your Business Sales Through Facebook

Switch to e-commerce marketing through Facebook and Instagram ads. Add your product or services catalog to allow your customers to shop easily. Use your catalog to run dynamic ads, shopping ads, connect to a business page shop, and more. Drive sales through your website or directly by accelerating your ad performance. Infotanks Media can help you set up and manage your business profiles to increase your sales through Facebook and Instagram.

Move ahead of your competition to achieve your business goals

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    With two billion monthly active users, Facebook advertising is a potential lead generating platform for your business. Facebook for business is an essential tool that allows you to manage your business account easily. The following reasons will help you understand why you must use Facebook Ads to grow your business:

    • Your audience is on Facebook With over two billion monthly active users, Facebook provides an opportunity to reach existing customers, potential customers, and new customers who would be interested in your products or services. Infotanks Media can help you connect with all of them through Facebook ads.
    • Customize Ads as per your goals Facebook has different types of ad formats based on your objectives. Infotanks Media can help you set-up and drive performance-driven ads to reach your specific goals.
    • Limited organic reach Even though regularly updating your Facebook page builds a positive brand identity for new and existing customers, Facebook advertising quickly grows an online presence. The social media marketers at Infotanks Media can help in both organic and paid marketing.
    • Scalable ads across social networks Facebook ads are integrated across different social media platforms. You can advertise your products or services beyond their News Feed. Infotanks Media can help you reach potential customers across various social media platforms.
    • Run ads based on your budget Facebook allows you to set up ad budgets based on your objectives. It will enable you to adjust your ad budget, pause or stop ads as per your finances.

    Facebook connects you to people who would be interested in knowing more about your business and its products or services. Facebook allows you to generate leads through advertising to a specific audience based on demographics — location, interest, and more. Lead ads on Facebook are more than just a form — they can attract leads from the top of the funnel — from brand awareness and reach to customer acquisition. Optimize your ads for quick follow-ups or high-quality leads by customizing them based on your preferences.

    With digitalization, creating a social media presence for your business is mandatory. To generate leads and scale your business, advertising is essential. Growing your business online requires efficient advertising. A targeted advertising campaign is going to reach a predetermined audience based on your expectations.
    Advertising on Facebook is simple, quick, and budget-friendly. Facebook allows you to decide and customize ads based on your budget. There is no minimum ad budget requirement. It also enables you to personalize your advertisements based on your target audience. You can even view an estimate of the ad reach for better judgment of results. Infotanks Media can help you accurately target your ads with maximized ROI and lead generation. The top 5 reasons for advertising on Facebook are as follows:

    • Micro-target specific audience
    • Create ads based on your objectives
    • Remarket to those who have interacted with your brand
    • Customize your budget without any minimum requirements
    • Facebook is a marketplace of your customers

    You can create Facebook advertising audiences based on location, interests, demographics, and other data fields. Infotanks Media can help you create buyer personas using demographics from your existing customers. With our knowledge of industry standards and best practices, you can identify and select audience options. Facebook allows you to target specific and narrow audiences or use a broad category based on your requirements, objectives, and buyer persona. The following are the different options provided by Facebook to define your audience:

    • Core Audience: Define and customize your audience based on age, gender, interests, behavior, device used, professions, and more demographics.
    • Custom Audience: Add existing databases or retarget people who have engaged and interacted with your business online or on the ground (offline).
    • Lookalike Audience: Reach out to people who have similar interests to your existing and high intent customers.

    Are you still finding it challenging to define your target audience for Facebook? For thorough research on defending or even refining your audience for accurate Facebook advertising, contact us at [email protected]

    Cost-per-click or CPC shows how much, on average, each link click costs. It is a metric used in the online advertising industry for benchmarking ad efficiency and performance. It is calculated using the below formula:

    • CPC = Total spent ÷ No. of link clicks

    Based on your industry and the nature of the business, the cost-per-click differs. It also depends on your budget and how you target your audience. Efficient targeting reduces the cost per click. Your relevance score directly impacts the CPC. It is the score that Facebook provides based on the relevancy of your ad to your target audience. It prioritizes advertisements that have a higher relevancy score. You can even optimize the CPC by split testing or A/B testing your ads based on the copy, design, audience, and more. It reduces the frequency, increases engagement, and lowers your ad spend.
    By analyzing and comparing different industries, Infotanks Media can help you understand your advertising campaigns' benchmark. We can also help in increasing your click-through-rate (CTR) to reduce your CPC further.