Technographics Data for Revenue Growth

Technographics is the data about tech tools, software, and applications that a company uses. Get competitor insights of their customers, services, and recent upgrades from IInfotanks.

Technographics Data for Revenue Growth

Technographics Data

Technographic understands an organization’s tech behavior. Gain competitive advantage through a comprehensive analysis of technology. Use the technology data to drive sales, fuel business evolution, and engage in ROI generating initiatives. IInfotanks is the best technographics company tracking end-users for more than 15,000 software, hardware, and web applications globally through its AI & ML applications with 12 million companies and 55 million contacts. An example of technographics for effective sales processes is that it provides a complete 360-degree view of the technology stack of your key target accounts

Technographics in customer profiling

Technographics in customer profiling

Elevate your customer experience by creating a detailed technology stack or segments for an in-depth understanding. Provide value propositions to address their indirect needs with IInfotanks, the best technographics company. Effective segmentation or technographics in customer profiling can personalize the customer experience. Focus on high intent customer segments to efficiently expand your business outreach.

Technographics in revenue generation

Technographic data provides deeper insights and accelerates lead and profit generation processes to fuel organizational growth & monetize revenue. Engage with your target accounts first to stay ahead in the increasingly competitive technology landscape. Build a contact list of likely to convert accounts to optimize consumer technographics for revenue generation. Increase the potential of identifying prospects through strategic sales funnel for higher customer engagement and conversion.

Technographics in revenue generation
Technographics in inbound marketing

Technographics in inbound marketing

Technographic data acquired from globally recognized data providers can be integrated into any marketing automation platform. Enrich the experience of your incoming inbound leads while they submit their interest. Segment and nurture your leads based on the technologies they use. Notify them about existing and new technologies that can be added to their current technology stack.

Technographics for total addressable market

IInfotanks is among the best technographic data providers for the most recently updated high-quality contact database. Use the technology stack to identify similar companies using specific technologies to create a segment for the high intent prospects. Combine total addressable market with data models that include technographics to identify all high intent prospects.

Technographics for total addressable market
Technographics for account-based marketing

Technographics for account-based marketing

Deliver hyper-personalized sales campaigns to create a deeper connection with your potential customers. Increase customer engagement for higher conversion with multi-channel account-based marketing. Boost conversion rates by understanding a holistic view of the technologies used by your prospects. Leverage technographics for your ideal customer profile or accounts matching your buyer persona for a data-driven approach.

Technographics for competitor analysis

Technographic data providers like IInfotanks can provide you with a comprehensive competitive analysis to stay ahead in the market. Leverage your competitors sales forecasts and marketing strategies to be the first to reach out to your potential customers. Effectively strategize for your key accounts in a targeted marketplace for higher conversions.

Technographics for competitor analysis
Technographics for customer success

Technographics for customer success

Customer satisfaction is a key factor for generating substantial results for your business. Delivering an enhanced and engaging customer experience will create a positive brand identity, which will boost your conversion rate. An example of technographics for customer success will be that it can help you deliver a wholesome customer experience by identifying your customer expectations and personalizing business offerings.

Data driven Marketing Services

Grow business & marketing strategy with revenue generating Technographic Data from IInfotanks

Being ahead of the competition is mandatory in a competitive market to drive significant customer experience and satisfaction. Technographic data from IInfotanks provides a competitive edge for B2B companies.

Elaborate Data Curation 1

Elaborate Data Curation

Data service providers enable data collection, data segmentation, and data verification, which are critical to reaching business goals

Data Protection & Security

Data Protection & Security

Incorporate business intelligence with data security measures that protect your valuable information for brand building

Simplified Data Accessibility

Simplified Data Accessibility

Data agencies enable you to access structured data for streamlining marketing campaigns that generate leads.

Quick Turn around Time

Quick Turnaround Time

Ensure 5x growth compared to traditional sales funnel by addressing queries identified through competitor analysis

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Target Key Accounts

Promote your medical products and services directly to physicians by accelerating your marketing campaign to generate qualified healthcare leads

Expand Revenue Generation

Expand Revenue Generation

Improve sales forecast, revenue growth, and business outreach for building profitable & long term revenue generating partnerships

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Real-time Data Updates

Drive productivity across different departments with accurate and regularly updated contacts of profit generating leads

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Verified Data Compliance

Acquire GDPR compliant data, which is validated through AI tools and manually for completeness and relevance

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Global Data Coverage

Explore opportunities across North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, and more from anywhere worldwide

Move ahead of your competition to achieve your business goals

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    Marketing in the current data-driven environment leverages demographic, firmographic, and psychographic analysis. Technographics data is the next important development for data-driven marketing. Here’s a quick overview of all the types of data:

    • Demographic data: Company Name, Contact Name, Title, Phone Number, Email Address, Physical Address, City, State
    • Firmographic data: Postal Code, ZIP Code, Country, Fax, SIC Code, Industry, Employee Size, Revenue size, Website address, and Linked IN Profiles
    • Technographic data:Technology Type, Total IT Budget, Hr Budget, Marketing Budget, Ad Budget, Communications Budget, Storage Devices Budget, Hardware Budget, Software Services & Outsourcing Budget, Other Miscellaneous Budgets, IT Budget per IT Employee (USD), IT Budget as a percent of revenue, Total IT Employees, Total Servers, Physical Servers, Virtual Servers, Total PC’s, Desktop PC’, Portable PC’s, Total Printers, Total Network Devices, Total Phone Lines, Total Enterprise Storage Capacity.
      Broadly, technographic understands an organization’s tech behavior. It is the information regarding the different software, tools, and applications used by a company. It identifies how they are implementing and utilizing different systems and platforms. IInfotanks cover around 15000+ software

    In a competitive environment, being ahead of the competition can drive more significant customer experience and satisfaction. Technographics data for B2B companies provides an edge over the competition. It is the lens providing a bird’s eye view of the tech trends specific to any organization. Here are the advantages of technographics:

    • Target Marketing Technographics data for B2B companies helps in identifying key decision-makers and accounts. It provides data regarding customer profiles. It adds value to your customer persona by making it granular for targeting and searching for ideal clients. It optimizes your marketing efforts for quality leads.
    • Quality Sales Conversion When you’re clear regarding the buyer persona, it gets easier to understand customers. With a greater understanding of customers, you can identify partnership opportunities. You can optimize sales territories and gain a competitive advantage. Through informed sales conversations, you can observe high-quality sales conversions.
    • Improved Customer Satisfaction A technographics company can help you gain a competitive advantage by providing information about their customers, strategies, tools, and applications. Here’s how this information can improve customer satisfaction:
    • Engage with customers: Knowing their technology-buying triggers helps in strategizing your campaign accordingly Understand relevance: By personalizing the sales conversations, you have a higher potential to drive the prospect and improve account engagement
    • Custom offers: Staying updated with the technology trends can leverage you to provide customized plans for your customer requirements Informed conversations: Relevant and informative conversations help in building a relationship with your customers
    • Optimized ABM Strategy Your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy can be augmented with Technographics data to predict and prioritize opportunities. You’ll have improved synergy and communication even in your internal sales and marketing teams. All your marketing efforts are streamlined to improve lead generation and conversion.
    • Explore New Market Opportunities Steady sales lead generation and stable conversion indicates that your company should explore opportunities for business growth. Technographics data can provide insights into new markets and their adoption patterns. You can be swift in adopting changing market conditions by concentrating on marketing campaigns.

    IInfotanks is a globally recognized technographics data company providing 95% data accuracy through the following ways of data curation:

    • Detailed Market analysis We are a multi-channel service provider with several integrated tools and a dedicated team to stay updated with the best practices. Using the Technographic data provided, you can even predict your next customers.
    • Unique data curation Infotanks Media, a technographic company, curates data from a wide range of sources, including surveys, national statistics, key opinion leaders, AI tools, and more. The curated data goes through a stringent compliance process. We send out over 55 million business emails to maintain data accuracy.
    • Simplified data structure The required data is easily accessible to you. Our foolproof structuring of the information is useful for all the relevant departments of your organization.
      With a multitude of successful clients, a technographics company like IInfotanks can be considered the best B2B data provider. For assured high deliverability rates and better ROI for your business, please write to us at [email protected]

    Technographics data is a vital component of customer and client engagement in the digital age. For example, if you require information about Shopify Marketplace and their tools or compare organizations that use Medium over WordPress, Technographics is your go-to option. Technographics data acquired from us can be used for B2B marketing in the following ways:

    • Increase conversion rates
    • Personalized sales cycles
    • Optimized marketing funnels
    • Hyper-targeted segmentations
    • Insightful technology-use behavior
    • Gain a competitive edge

    IInfotanks is the one-stop solution for all your data requirements. Being the global leaders in Technographics and B2B data, we provide real-time results. The role of technographics in account-based marketing is as follows:

    • Targeted sales & marketing Account-based marketing is a strategic approach to sales and marketing. It emphasizes quality accounts over the number of leads. It focuses on selling to targeted key accounts instead of generating mass demand. Explore new opportunities
      To ensure your B2B organization's growth, you need to know how you're up against it. Technographics data helps in keeping a close watch on your competitors' tech moves. It enables you to recognize timely growth opportunities.
    • Personalized sales journey Using technographics, you can optimize the marketing funnel and customer journey for better lead nurturing. Using the data, you can personalize and share only relevant information based on their interests.
      For example, you can know whether a lead uses multiple free or low-cost features of tech tools before purchasing them. This information can enable you to personalize their purchase decision for your service. For assured high deliverability rates and better ROI for your business, write to us at [email protected]