The key to unlocking business growth strategies is through technology. Data combined with technology can be a fuel to drive business growth. Technographics is the data about tech tools, software, and applications that a company uses. It gives competitor insights for their customers, services, and even their recent upgrades.

Technographics as a service

Technographics data providers help you gain a competitive advantage through a comprehensive analysis of their technology. It enables you to understand how to use data to drive sales, fuel business evolution, and engage in ROI generating initiatives. With technographics service providers, you can expect the following:

  • Data for revenue generation
  • To fuel the organizational growth monetizing data provides deeper insights and accelerates the process.

  • Data accuracy
  • Data service providers enable data collection, data segmentation, and data verification. Each process is critical for reaching your goals.

  • Data protection
  • Data that incorporates business intelligence with every security measure to protect your information.

  • Data accessibility
  • Data agencies enable you to access data that is available and structure it for comfortable usability.

Technographics Data will change the way you approach strategy

  • Targeted sales & marketing
  • Account-based marketing is a strategic approach to sales and marketing. It emphasizes on quality accounts over the number of leads. It focuses on selling to targeted key accounts instead of generating mass demand.

  • Explore new opportunities
  • To ensure your B2B organization's growth, you need to know how you're up against it. Technographics data helps in keeping a close watch on your competitors' tech moves. It enables you to recognize timely growth opportunities.

  • Personalized sales journey
  • Using technographics, you can optimize the marketing funnel and customer journey for better lead nurturing. Using the data, you can personalize and share only relevant information based on their interests.

For example, you can know whether a lead uses multiple free or low-cost features of tech tools before purchasing them. This information can enable you to personalize their purchase decision for your service.

The future of technographics with Infotanks Media

Technographics data is a vital component of customer and client engagement in the digital age. For example, if you require information about Shopify Marketplace and their tools or compare organizations that use Medium over WordPress, Technographics is your go-to option. Technographics data acquired from us is usable in the following ways:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Personalized sales cycles
  • Optimized marketing funnels
  • Hyper-targeted segmentations
  • Insightful technology-use behavior
  • Gain a competitive edge

The process of collecting data is ever-changing. To stay updated the data experts at Infotanks Media follow strict compliance, including a four-step process:

  • Data from recruitment posts
  • Using AI tools and tracking over 500 job sites, we search for company job postings for specific software applications. If a company has posted a requirement regarding a particular technical skill, then they are using the software application for their business operations.

  • Individual profile screening
  • LinkedIn can be used to search specific profiles of candidates working on software applications. It enables you to track companies through their end-users.

  • Data through research
  • Through customer feedback, testimonials, and case studies data is collected to understand their tech-behavior.

  • Data verification
  • All the collected raw data gets processed through calls and email validation. The final information shared is ready-to-use based on your requirements. Infotanks Media is the one-stop solution for all your data requirements. Being the global leaders in Technographics and B2B data, we provide real-time results. For assured high deliverability rates and better ROI for your business, please write to us at

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How We Source Global Business Data?


Phone books, annual reports, and other business directories are split apart and catalogued to find information on nearly every business in the nation.


New businesses are added every week from sources such as business registrations and utility hookups so that you would be the first to gain access to a potential opportunity.


We stamp all our records and validate every business to make sure our data has the highest accuracy.

 public record

We also add public record data from county courthouse filings, SEC, 10k filings, and Secretary of State data.


We clean all data on a monthly basis by matching it with the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA), ZIP+4, and Delivery Sequence File to standardize and keep the addresses accurate.


We use various data analytic and mining tools - both proprietary and third-party - to identify specific companies and their possible IT infrastructure.

Finally, our data research team verifies the data through email campaigns send outs, firmographic research, and manual contact validations to ensure you have access to the most effective data.

Data Segmentation by Departments

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Data Segmentation by Levels


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