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Choosing the right B2B database providers can get overwhelming for most businesses. With a wide range of available choices, you need to know who fits your requirements. Businesses look for quality data provider companies with the promise of accurate data. Demand for data exists across all industries, irrespective of size and type. Data equips demand generation and outbound sales efforts. With the right kind of data, your business will have assured success. Inaccurate data can be one reason why your sales team takes more time to sell to the right audience. Having accurate and efficient data in hand can help you reach critical prospects, make the most outreach campaigns, and grow your business in no time. Building a list of key prospects with their relevant contact information more than often stands as a challenge.


Inaccurate and inefficient data wastes approximately 27.3% of a sales representatives’ time.Databases, in general, decays by 2–3% every month. Therefore, it is important to acquire clean and updated data as well.


At Infotanks Media, we help you cut through the clutter and provide clean, updated, and accurate data that fit your business requirements. As a business B2B data provider, we understand your data requirements and offer you our vast database containing relevant contact details of your target audience. Database provider companiesprovide a range of different services. Some of the fundamental core values of every data-providing company are — CRM management, data cleansing, and sales funnel enhancement. To keep up with the fast-paced business world, a B2B company like us has grown and changed over time. However, it is important to choose the right data partner for your business. Infotanks Media guarantees a 95% data accuracy with 15+ data fields. We ensure 6x higher conversions.

Let’s find out some of the things that every business must keep in mind while choosing a data provider –

Data accuracy

Data accuracy

The one thing that must always come first while deciding on a data partner is data trustworthiness. B2B data needs to be accurate and relevant, without which it wouldn’t serve the purpose. Choose a data partner that acquires data from reliable sources. It helps in boosting sales as you reach out to the right customers with valid information.We execute data cleansing, standardisation, duplication, migration, verification and ensure the highest quality of profitable leads. The best way to find the data accuracy of a B2B company is to research the sources and how the company collects data. Look up the internet and support representatives for information. Data accuracy also comes from the point where you are getting the relevant data for your business. Database provider companies may provide sufficient data, but ensure that data contains the information you need. Drive maximum opportunities from accurate data through data management services by Infotanks Media


Complete information

Complete information

Before choosing the right B2B database provider, you need to check on the areas that the database is covering. An extensive database with a lot of information may not be as beneficial as a database with diverse information — B2B data with in-depth information and details about contacts you want for your business. But, if you purchase databases from different sources for varied needs, it may increase the cost. Along with this, there might be an increased number of inconsistencies. Pick a partner like Infotanks Media that provides you with a fully efficient B2B database. We understand your requirements and adequately offer you access to databases with 15+ data fields. With this, ensure that there are no data duplicates, resulting in repeated data. Only settle for a data partner that covers all criteria befitting your business. Businesses can save themselves a lot on their budget, which can be used in other marketing efforts.


Adequate insights

B2B database providers like us never spare a detail while compiling customer data. In acquiring, collecting, and updating data, it is essential to maintain data efficacy. For any business, knowing the buyer’s persona is a must. Businesses can align their product or service offerings with customer interests. Know customer pain points and motivating factors so that you can approach them with relevant campaigns. Gathering insights about the target audience or a company is one of the essential things done by any marketing database provider.Gather good insights about your target audience that helps in creating personalized marketing campaigns. For instance, financial insights are essential to check the M&A transactions or bring up any underlying issues. Customers would show more interest in a company that can solve their pain points. Make sure to know every little detail about the target audience. Equip marketing campaigns with accurate data.


Database’s usability

Database’s usability

Businesses aim to partner with a business B2B data provider company to acquire data easily. Partnering with a trusted provider eases out the pain of collecting information and boost sales activities. The manual data collection procedure is a thing of the past. Only viable marketing database providers will be able to enrich data and provide accurate data automatically. Most data providers offer a free trial or dataset to show clients how they can use the data for their business. Make your choice depending upon the usability and quality of the database. At Infotanks Media, we always give our clients the benefit of choosing what fits their needs. Our databases assure 95% of data accuracy and 6X higher conversions. Choose a dataset that covers all locations, industries, technologies, and more. Asking more questions to the companies that do not offer any free trial is an excellent way to know what works for your business!


Guaranteed customisation

B2B data solutions from a good partner guarantee customisation. Offering customizable and flexible datasets makes it easier for the clients to use the data as per convenience. A full-fledged dataset consisting of B2B data display benefits in the most transparent way. Infotanks Media offers data in more than 15 data fields covering SIC codes, industry type, company size, job title, and many more. Businesses can negotiate and take a dataset that contains only the data that is required. Without customization, it gets difficult for database provider companiesto impress clients. Customized product offering to customized service plans, customization is one of the major selling points today. You can boost sales and increase ROI with the best b2b databases. Look for a data partner that provides datasets shaped by your unique needs and requirements. Filtered datasets help you in reaching out to the most relevant audiences and increasing conversions.


Things To Avoid In A Data Partner

  • Extensive database does not equal quality database

Many B2B data solutions providers claim that they have data containing hundreds of millions of contacts. While this is possible, you must also research and find out how much this data is worthwhile. On the other hand, think about your target market. Do you need millions of contacts and get confused while approaching each of them with your marketing campaigns? For most of you, the answer would be ‘no’. Filter out contacts that you need to reach — decision-makers who are in charge of their budget.

Lead generation may not always be the answer

Lead generation is a problem in itself. Having access to a full-fledged database does not assure lead generation. Lead generation is a whole different ball game and requires more than just a good dataset. Many factors are responsible for generating leads. Businesses that look for a dataset that will solve all the problems are making a mistake. Accessing a viable dataset may be a step closer to reaching your target audience. But that is not all! Create incredible marketing campaigns by equipping them with accurate data.

Why Choose Infotanks Media?

Choosing the right B2B data provider often comes as an excellent decision for a marketing manager. Without giving much thought to it — accurate data fuels the sales and marketing activities. The only aim to find the perfect B2B data partner is to help close the deals. At Infotanks Media, we provide datasets that fit the bill for your business. Our data experts and analysts give the best guidance to help you reach your marketing goals!infotanksmediaFollow

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